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  Welcome to Wildfire Designs, located in North Potomac, Maryland, and established in 2004 by designer/entrepreneur, Corey Irwin.

Corey designs distinctive jewelry for the woman who is all at once chic, worldly, and thoroughly modern. Her designs speak a well-versed, sophisticated language of timeless elegance and glamour, and embrace the beauty and strength of the feminine spirit. Each piece she creates is an original work of art, inspired by her love of high fashion and the fine arts, as well as her international travels.

Corey believes in the importance of informing her designs with the integrity of history whilst simultaneously embracing the fashion-forward ideas of the new world. Or, put another way, her designs are a new spin on a timeless concept. And, as is visually self-evident, her design inspiration often comes from the greater world at large, and is a unique cross-polination of multiple international influences.

Each collection makes a very unique stylistic statement, and when viewed collectively, reflects Corey's diverse array of influences and interests, which range from art history, etymology, and ancient cultures to mathematics, science, and technology. The one common design theme of all her collections is BOLDNESS. The woman who wears wildfire designs is a confident woman who knows her own mind, has a well-established sense of style, and who is fearless when it comes to making her own statements, in fashion as well as in her own life.

From the inception of her very first collections, Corey's original designs have rapidly gained a loyal following amongst discerning clientele.

The designer's works are available online via this site as well as through select retail stores. If you would like to see our lines carried in your local area fashion boutiques, simply inform your local area retailers of your interest, and mention our website, http://wildfiredesigns.com. Retail stores interested in conducting wholesale business with us directly are welcome to contact us via email at info[at]wildfiredesigns[dot]com.

Thank you for your patronage. We regularly update our website with newly featured designs, so please check back often to view the latest works from the designer.
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